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Getting All Bank Transactions (both Reconciled & Unreconciled) from Yesterday

Started by David Noble -   in API Endpoints

I'm currently trying to get all bank transactions that occurred yesterday (both debits & credits) through our linked ASB accounts - most of which would belong to unreconciled line items in Xero - however when doing a Get on Bank Transactions & specifying a date range between 2 days ago & today nothing is returned. Basically I have to set the date range to include transactions that have been reconciled before anything comes through. Am I doing something wrong/is 'bank transactions' the correct method to use for this?

Hi David,

When you are getting bank transactions you are retrieving the accounting transactions from the right hand side of the bank rec screen. It sounds like you are after the bank statement lines from the left hand side of the bank rec screen. These are not available via the bank transactions endpoint.

To retrieve unreconciled items we recommend using the bank statement report. Here you will be able to see both reconciled and unreconciled items. Please see the docs for further details on how to do this.


Dan Young (Xero Staff)  

Good Afternoon,

Am I missing it? I don't see a Bank Statements report listed in the API docs...

Lil Roberts