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Can the API Retrieve the full list of all User Login History ?

Started by Charles Americanos -   in Getting Started

Since my client who is a practising account wants to monitor the behaviour of his clients.

It woul be helpful that I could GET all of the Users Login History for several Company instances in Xero

I do not see this possibility in the API
Hi Charles

You're correct, the Xero API can't retrieve the logins of Users. It can only retrieve a list of users with their name, email, and role in the organisation. Your client will need to look in General Settings > Settings Users and click on Recent Activity to see recent log ins from the different users. For more information they can also go to Adviser > Assurance Dashboard and they'll see activity for each user of the organisation by hovering over the blue squares indicating there was activity. There isn't a way to collate this information at this time.


Angela Marshall (Xero Staff)  

Hi Angela,

Has this function been introduced yet? Login History is something which I am very interested in for similar reasons to above.

Many thanks

Luke Stevenson