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Refresh token on a Public application

Started by Mike Cox -   in Partner Program

Morning all.
We are certified Xero developers and have developed many Private apps as well as a Partner app.
Most of the apps that we develop are for customers who want bespoke systems developed and so they are not in any way accessible to the world at large. We currently build them as Private apps but this presents several problems:
1. It is very complicated for the users to set up with copying and pasting certificates and keys back and forth between Xero and our application
2. They have to do this again if our certificate expires or we move the app to a different server with a different certificate

Ideally we would use a Public app as they can just click on a Login to Xero button and connect our app to their Xero account. This also has problems as the token only lasts 30 minutes so they have to keep reauthorising the connection and we cannot run tasks on a cron job, e.g. fetching data from their system every hour, processing it and uploading it to Xero.

We could use a Partner app as that stays connected but to do that we have to jump through hoops with Xero and show that the public in general can use the system e.g. providing instructions etc. which is not needed as what we are doing is only available to specified users.

Is there any way we could have the Public app changed so that we can renew the token? We have no need of our app being registered on the Xero website as we do not want other people using it, we don't need to provide instruction manuals as our customer looks after their own staff, we have no need of any of the "features" of being a Partner app. All we need is the regular connection of a Private app with the ease of setup of a Public app.

Is this too much to ask for? How have other developers got round this? Xero can you not just add an extra call in the Public app called Refresh_Token?

All advice is welcome.
Many thanks
Open Sauce Systems Ltd
Best Reply as chosen by Sidney Maestre (Community Manager)
If anyone is looking for the ability to refresh tokens on a Public App - short answer ... it's not possible. Currently refresh is only enabled on Partner Apps. Contact us by applying to Partner with us and we can have a chat about your use case.


If approved, we can upgrade your public app to a partner app.

Sidney Maestre (Community Manager)