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Development of a customised reporting dashboard for monthly financials

Started by Scott Boyd -   in Find a Developer

We are seeking a developer to assist us with producing a custom dashboard to allow us to track certain financial aspects of our business. This is to be used at our monthly management meeting.
We have looked at some of the "off the shelf" products available and they are too comprehensive for our needs or they omit critical data we require.
We are not looking for anything too difficult, as the data is all there inside Xero, but we need to pull it all together in a single report/snapshot.
Happy to discuss specific requirements with a suitable developer.
Hi Scott,

Shoot me an email and we can discuss your requirements. The company is Cyberco and you can reach me at: xero@cyberco.com.


XERO Communication  

Hi Scott,

I'd love to hear more about your requirements and see if we can fit them within a reporting app we're building (about to start beta). The app can already produce simple daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports, etc. and distribute them too. It's quite simple at the time being.

Or, if it makes more sense, maybe we can build something semi-custom for you instead.

Please reach me at seb@chimi.co.


Sebatian Brocher  

Hi Scott,

Totally hear what you're saying about "off the shelf" products not working for you. We've created a number of custom dashboards for business owners/managers who want greater insight into their businesses. If you're keen to explore this, my email is: ed@hatch.nz

Otherwise, we're right accross the ditch in Auckland, so if you are keen to set up a call, our timezones more or less match up.


Ed McKnight  

Hi Scott,

I am not sure if you find the right solution for your problem but if you still need help we can help you.

RIKSOF is an agency, based out of Karachi, delivering custom mobile and web application development services to customers in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Our biggest strength is the team's track record of taking projects past the finish line under any circumstance.

Skype: sales.riksof
Email: info@riksof.com

RIKSOF Private Limited