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504 timeout after authorization

Started by James Zhang -   in API Authentication

Our web app allows our customers to export their invoices to Xero and in most cases, this works. However, one of our customers is experiencing an issue when trying to authorize Xero. They are able to log in and authorize fine but when Xero tries to take them back to our site, they instead get a 504 error when trying to hit the callback url. This only happens to one of our customers and we are at a loss as to why.

Has anyone else experienced this? We are using Rails with the Xerioizer library.

Official Xero Reply
HI Rachel and Ashley, sorry you are experiencing this issue, we have a general outage today that is likely the cause of errors you are seeing. We are working to resolve this, please keep an eye on this page for status updates: https://status.xero.com/

James Coleman (Community Manager)