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How to call custom and published reports through API?

Started by Chintan Dave -   in API Endpoints


I am new to Xero. I am using .Net API to fetch data. The issue is that there is no way to call custom or publish report. Is it possible to call account transaction and general ledger report through API?
Hi Chintan,

The API has limited options available when pulling reports. You're limited to the reports and parameters listed on our Reports page in the Developer Center. The API will always generate a new version of the report when you call it, and it will return the default layout for that report that's been set in the organisation unless you specify standardLayout=true on the reports that support that parameter. This means pulling published reports won't be an option.

We have had requests for other reports to be opened up to the API, especially the Account Transactions report. We're working on updating our Reports endpoint but we don't have a timeframe on when that will be complete or which reports will be available. In the meantime, for reports that can't be retrieved through the API you'll need to be creative in pulling the transaction information from other endpoints such as Invoices, BankTransactions, or Journals and parsing the information in your own system to generate the reports you want to have.


Angela Marshall (Xero Staff)  

Hi Angela,

Thank you for the response above. Is there any update regarding pulling customised report from Xero using API? Thanks.

Taye Aina