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Timestamp too old

Started by Support CashFlowBuilder -   in API Authentication

Im receiving an error when attempting to connect to Xero with a partner application.

The error message is as follows:

The timestamp is to old, it must be at most 1800 seconds before the servers current date and time

Can someone assist here?
Best Reply
The "The timestamp is to old..." message is generated when Xero API servers validates the OAuth signature. There's a parameter called oauth_timestamp, which is used to ensure the time that the message was signed, is roughly the same time that the server recieved the message. This is to trap any man-in-the-middle attacks and replay attacks using your oauth credentials.

The oauth_timestamp parameter that gets put in the OAuth signature must be within 5 minutes of the server time on our side.

We've not had any reports of this message occurring when using the .Net wrapper library. From a developer point of view, there's not much that needs to be configured in the code.

My initial suspicion is that your server's time and timezone may not be set correctly. For a windows server environment, you might want to check if the server is getting it's time from another server or internet time service. If not, the time on the server may have drifted somewhat.


Daniel Barratt (Xero Staff)