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Arabic language support

Started by nidhin raj -   in Find a Developer

Our website having 2 versions arabic and english. so i need to input arabic language in xero inventory items, how can i do that? please help me.... :-(
I wish to support Arabic language entry
And to give the possibility of liberation in terms language to the user's language

adil ammar  


At the moment Xero doesn't have the ability to enter non-English characters in invoices in Xero. I’ve added your vote for this feature and it will passed on to our Product Team.

In the meantime, we do have the ability to produce invoices in other languages. You might like to take a look at our customised Docx template functionality which provides some ability to add non-English characters to the invoice template itself using Arial Unicode MS font.

Please note that you can therefore add your terms and conditions etc. to the template and upload it, but you cannot type the non-English characters into the invoice within Xero.

The following link provides more information if you would like to progress with a customised invoice theme.

Xero Help Centre: Add a customised invoice theme

W. Abdullah (Community Manager)  

When will arabic support?

ousama abushagur  

This post seems to be at odd with the marketing claims made on this page:


I quote: "Add your logo to our professional invoice templates or take full control and create completely custom designed templates, in any language."

Tobias McNulty  

I tested the docx files to modify the invoice template, it is not supporting Arabic, Arabic letters are splitted see screenshot http://cloud.ls.ly/image/1a2F400z373y

when it should not

Hadi Naser  

Hi, The same problem is with me while printing expenses or invoices. Any solution?

Muhammad Essa  

Hello guys,
Any updates about the Arabic support ?
The ministry of Commerce in our country made it clear that any financial recoreds should be done in Arabic.

You advice and prompt action is needed.

Mazen AlDarrab  

XERO should specifically look into this issue, we have big problem with local texting. Please get the Adobe code incorporated into XERO to help in showing the proper local text in PDF.

Muhammad Essa  

I am websites developer to supporting arabic it is to easy, I don't know why you don't make it till now, I am searching for other application and I will move form xero for that.

Abdullatif Junaid  

Its really not understandable not just adding the support to the PDF converter. as the site already support Arabic in printing directly. All other apps used a PDF driver supporting it. Xero team does not know how much people stopped using it, or dropped it as their choice because of this issue and only relaying on votes.

As abdulatif said, it should be fairly very simple, but huge impact.

bashir Al Qatari  

I stop using xero because of this topic

Abdullatif Junaid  

Hello Guys,

i have the same issue, we really need the arabic language, we are not asking you for Arabic interface, we are just asking you to fix the issue of exporting any documents that has Arabic text which we input it while using Xero. For exmaple, Purchase orders (PO).

Currently when we add Arabic text to the Description of the purchase order. the system is working well while we are browsing the PO in your website. however, the text change once we just export or print the PO.

Please fix this issue. you guys has a great system we don't want to change it because if this small issue. Fixing this issue will help you to access to international market such as Saudi Arabia. this is not a user request only. in Saudi regulations request companies to use Arabic text.


Hamzah alsafi  

Hai Xero Developer Team

We are also facing this Language problem in Xero, Please update the Arabic Language Support.
Thank you

Shamnad Ayoob  

Three years ago and still do not respect their customers, all they want is a simple software modification in the PDF to accept the Arabic language, Zero You never take customer feedback seriously, now after more than 6 years with you I think to leave the program and support another program supports the Arabic language, Saudi Arabia and the UAE There is a new law necessary to need an accounting program for VAT and this law is new, if you do not take the work seriously, you will lose a large and new market.

Tareq Alrowaili  

Now you can print invoices in Arabic using the following link:

for 5 days for free.


Hi Ali its not working. please Explaine how. thanks

Hamzah alsafi  

Xero Team, please any update about this?

Hamzah alsafi  

Dear Hamza,
The software running smoothly with our clients.
Please call me 966509246481


Now you can print invoices in Arabic (you can Print the Customer names and Items in Arabic).
You may try our solution by signing up here and register:


You can try our solution for 5 days for free.



Dear Xero Team,

Kindly note, that from the 1st January 2018, all (tax) Invoices have to be issued in Arabic in Saudi Arabia. Which means your system cannot handle correct legal invoicing any more as you have been failing implementing Arabic characters within the last 4 years.

Please find a solution asap or you might lose all your customers in Saudi Arabia.

Christian Dziersk  

Now you can print invoices in Arabic and soon many other reports in Arabic (you can Print the Customer names and Items in Arabic).
You may try our solution by signing up here and register:
You can try our solution for 1 month days for free.

Ali Farag, CPA, CMA, CIA


Start using Xero in Arabic


Need to print Xero reports in Arabic? Look no further. Hesaab connects to your Xero account and presents all of the same information in Arabic, ready for you to print.

Ali Farag, CPA, CMA, CIA


Hesaab is live in Xero Marketplace


to Ali Farag
the price is ridicules, 200SR/Monthly for translating!

Rakan Aldhubaib  

I have been asking for this for a several years now. Please Xero add the ability to enter non-English characters in invoices, bills and quotes.

Osama Alothman  

Dear Osama,
You may subscribe for 1 year (for only SR 1,500).
You may print all your invoices and bills in Arabic.