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Started by Anthony Bray -   in Find a Developer


I am looking at partnering with someone who has extensive knowledge around developing an application as an add on for xero. This application will be for managing clients leasing/loan schedules for motor vehicles, plant & equipment etc. Typically those assets where there is no banking feed integration.

I have an accounting background and understand the requirements to meeting the accounting standards in Australia and Internationally.

The idea came about as we have a client who has 72 leases and to journal and/or spreadsheet the entry required to account for interest, loan repayment etc monthly is a very teadious job. This has inspire me to develop an application that accountants can use to post monthly, quarterly or annually the journal to account for interest for current and non-current liabilities etc.

I have done some background work already in design database requirements, but now need a developer to work with to get it underway.

There is no application out there that does this, so it is a big opportunity to bring to the market.
Hey Anthony,
Thanks for posting. Happy to chat and get some more details - just email me stu@redarc.systems
Looking forward to discussing further!

Stu Hawkins  

Hi Anthony,

We have developed a number of integrations for XERO and actively developing two more. I would be happy to chat about your requirements and overall vision for the solution. Let's schedule a time next week to further discuss. I can be reached by replying to this or directly at xero@cyberco.com.


XERO Communication  

Hi Jack,

When is a suitable time to chat. We are based in Australia. Please come back to me with a time that suits. I am usually available in the mornings around 8am - 10am my time.

Anthony Bray  

Hi Jack,
That sounds great. Please send your Skype ID.

Anthony Bray  

Hi Jack,

It is asking for a Meeting ID?

Anthony Bray  

Hi Anthony,

I have been developing this exact application, would be happy to discuss with you if you like, should be ready for completion shortly.

Christopher Dodson  

Hi Anthony,

Did you have any luck finding a suitable developer?



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