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Determining an Organisation's Xero plan

Started by Brendan Doherty -   in API Endpoints

How can I tell what plan an Organisation is on? eg, Full, Cashbook, Cashbook + GST.

If a user only has Cashbook, can my application create Invoice records (I'm guessing no).
Best Reply
It is possible to use the API with the Cashbook edition of Xero, though we do not fully support this in the same was the full editions of Xero - you would need to get in contact with the API team if you were aiming at developing an interface to Cashbook organisations.

I will look at adding in some documentation on this, but a Cashbook version would return something like <Version>ONRAMPNZ</Version> (I can't be 100% certain on that right now, but something like it).

We will be making an announcement in relation to cashbook functionality and Xero in our next developer mailout coinciding with an upcoming release, so you might want to join our mailing list: http://blog.xero.com/subscribe-to-the-xero-api-developer-mailing-list/

Ronan Quirke (Community Manager)