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Callback Domain not accepting old url. Now Its need only domain name. Hoe can I put may page name?

Started by test dev -   in API Authentication

Previously in my "Callback Domain" was "http://test.local/account/xeroaccount/getverification". Now I change the domain name only like "http://live.local/account/xeroaccount/getverification". But we got the error "Callback domain is not in the correct format (e.g. xero.com, localhost)". How can I change this value. We need "account/xeroaccount/getverification" after the domain name. So if I just put domain name "http://live.local" then where I put "account/xeroaccount/getverification" ??
The callback URL is actually passed when you create the OAuth request token. The domain entry for the application itself is just an extra piece of security ensuring that only this domain can be used in the callback URL.

Wayne Robinson  

Thanks Wayne, that is it exactly.
As this is a topic that gets asked quite often, I have created a page explaining it in more detail: http://blog.xero.com/developer/oauth-callback-domains-explained/

Ronan Quirke (Community Manager)