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Has anyone integrated Xero with Spreecommerce??

Started by Shannon Marshall -   in Add-ons

Looking at using spreecommerce for an ecommerce site but really want to integrate with Xero if possible. Has anyone had any experience with this before?
Hi there

I'm not familiar with Spree, but I've just checked it out. I don't know of anyone that has done anything with it and Xero previously.
I have created a topic on our request forum for this: http://xero.uservoice.com/forums/28866-integration-with-other-products/suggestions/2348689-integration-with-spree-commerce - if you and others vote on this, you will be subscribed to updates so if a Xero extension for Spree Commerce is developed, I can let you know.

If you are thinking about building an extension yourself, I would recommend you check out the Xeroizer rails library: https://github.com/waynerobinson/xeroizer/ - that should make it really easy to get a rails application talking to Xero.

The main integration point into Xero I guess would be reflecting sales orders in Xero. It should be quite straightforward to listen for new orders in Spree, and create an Invoice in Xero to reflect this. You could also optionally create the invoice as an Approved invoice and apply a payment to it, if the order is paid for online.

Hope this helps.

Ronan Quirke (Community Manager)  

We started on a spree_xero extension, but haven't deployed it yet.



Anthony Constantino  

Hi, Do we have this integrated now

Samuel Elegure