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Developer partner for resource efficiency Xero add-on

Started by Kyle O'Farrell -   in Add-ons


I'm an environmental consultant that has worked with a broad range of manufacturing businesses over the last decade or more on resource efficiency type projects. These projects typically have a strong focus on determining material flows, the 'true cost' of waste, and other material/energy inefficiencies. This is done at a process level so the information on the source and cost of resource inefficiencies can inform and support specific actions.

I'm an advanced MS Excel user and to support this consulting work I've developed a generic resource efficiency flow modelling tool in MS Excel that is based on the related ISO standards. I've used the tool for real-world resource efficiency assessments and it works well. I'm interested in exploring if it can be converted into an add-on to Xero for small to medium sized manufacturing businesses to use to track material/energy (conversion) inefficiencies and true costs of waste.

I'm looking for a partner that has:

> A number of years of proven experience with Xero add-on development.
> Will work collaboratively with me to specify the scope of the project upfront, so everything is nice and clear.
> Is prepared to internally fund their development contribution.

If this sounds like something you are suited for and interested in please contact me.

Kind regards,
Kyle O'Farrell

Hello Kyle

If it makes sense, you can continue finalising the model in Excel and then use an Excel app such as datadear to pull the data you need from Xero into your model. I do not think you would need to push back to Xero but DataDear can do that as well.

So anyone using your model would need to have a connection with Xero and DataDear to load the data.


Neville Micallef  

Hi Neville,

Thanks for the advice, much appreciated. I'll have a good look at DataDear.


Kyle O'Farrell