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Integrating Xero with Google Sheets

Started by Jeremy Laumer -   in Find a Developer


I am looking for a way to link up Xero and Google sheets so that it automatically downloads an invoice and then separates the information by tables.
Hi Jeremy! Thanks for posting. If the workflow is straightforward Zapier might be a great cost-effective solution. And if you need help setting it up or creating something custom we would be happy to chat! Feel free to contact us: stu@redarc.systems..
Cheers! Stu

Stu Hawkins  

I need to build a live link from Xero to Google Sheets to pull in

Trial Balance
Bank transactions
etc is this somthing that a developer can do for me

David La Ronde  

Hello David

Can you achieve this in Excel instead of Google Sheets? DataDear is an Excel app which already has a link with Xero.

Neville Micallef  

does this work with the cloud version of excel

David La Ronde  

Hello David - not yet - current focus is on the PC-based Excel. Office 365 and Google Sheets will be introduced at some stage but there is no ETA yet.

Neville Micallef  

Hi There,

I am writing to you from 729 Solutions, the oldest agile development shop in The Bay Area- engineering amazing technology for 13 years. We are a team of experienced developers and designers who can help you with your Xero need. We are currently working on developing partnership with Xero and would be prepared to do your project at a significantly reduced rate to fulfill Xero’s requirements to become a certified dev partner. If you want your project executed by professionals at the lowest cost possible please contact me at graham@729.io and we can discuss the requirements. You can also do any due diligence on us at http://www.729solutions.com/

Thank you for your consideration.
Graham Silbermann

Graham Silbermann