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Demostration of integration

Started by François Poulin -   in Partner Program


We have been trying to get in touch with XERO to demonstrate that we have completed the XERO API integration. I have filled out the form multimple times but I have received only generic automated responses so far.

How do we schedule an appointment with someone regarding our partner program application?

we need to use multiple IP adresses in order for our integration to work and that is allowed only for developper partners.

Thanks François, I've dropped you a reply to your partnership application

James Coleman (Community Manager)  

Hi James,
I am stuck at this point as well. I have completed integrating my app with Xero and not I need to demonstrate my integration to Xero. Please assist. Thanks

David Gitonga  

Hi David,
Sorry things got stuck, we dropped you an email yesterday with next steps to help move forward.

James Coleman (Community Manager)