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API Development offer

Started by Marco Santullo -   in Find a Developer

I'm trying to join partner program, but my company is allready skilled over API.

If you need custom API development for Xero to integrate Salesforce, Infusionsoft, Limoanywhere or any other application feel free to contact us.

We will find the best way to cooperate


Marco Santullo
Hi Marco,

We are looking for help developing software applications that can integrate with Xero. Please get in touch and we can discuss.

My email address is sarj@inaspect.co.uk and my skype id is sarj1976

Kind regards,

Sarj Radia  

Hello I added you on skype and I am ready to discuss

Thank you

Marco Santullo  

I am looking for help to integrate xero to my application can u help me, now i am in creating 'certs'

Vijay Felix  

my skype id is adaikala.ri

Vijay Felix  

Hi i am asp .net developer and my company want to develop an application using Xero integration so that i am trying to learn how to integrate Xero with asp .net MVC application.
can you help me how to integrate Xero with asp .net mvc.
I am working for a US company and currently working from India.

My email: jainnedra.kaushal@kiwitech.com
or skype id: jainnedra.kiwitech

Jainnedra Kumar Kaushal  

Hello Jainnedra,

sorry first of all for your late response. I'm also sorry to tell you that with integrate only xero with software in java or php.

Please feel free to contact me for further assistance if you need


Marco Santullo