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Xero's major infrastructure upgrade - questions and updates

Started by Dan Young (Xero Staff) -   in Getting Started

At Xero, we're in the process of rolling out a major upgrade to our infrastructure. Part of the upgrade will involve data migrations that make organisations unavailable for a short period of time.

In order to handle this, we have introduced a new HTTP response of "The Organisation is Offline" which is returned with a HTTP 503 response code (Xero API response codes & errors).

Things to note:

- While an individual organisation may be offline, the rest of the API and other organisations will be available
- The period of time when an organisation is offline could be anywhere from a minute to an hour or so
- We recommend you plan for this event so your application can handle this period of being offline smoothly

You can expect to start seeing this new status from the weekend of May 28th - 29th. The data migrations will be performed on Sunday mornings New Zealand time.

Additionally, the upgrade will require at least one planned outage of the API going forward. We expect this to happen around August 2016 (subject to change). We will update this community post, Twitter and the status page closer to the time.
What goodies have we in store?

Richard Stockwell  

Does this also mean that some of the soft limits will be lifted or expanded in the near future (ie. the 1,000 Sales invoices per month)?

Wesley Elfring  

If anyone wants to check whether their application does in the right thing then you can make a request to http://www.mocky.io/v2/573d68383700009c114dcd14. It returns a 503 response with an "The Organisation is offline" body.

p.s. the missing link for "Xero API response codes & errors" is https://developer.xero.com/documentation/getting-started/http-response-codes/

Mark Woodbridge  

I have had a bespoke interface build to connect my booking system with Xero. Will this be affected

Anne Hurcombe  

will this fix the timing of bank feeds? which seem to be getting later and later....and also we are having trouble publishing bank statements (after reconciling) etc

Chantelle French  

I see a lot of questions but no answers.

J H  

This infrastructure upgrade relates to Xero moving it's core cloud platform to Amazon Web Services (AWS). This gives us the potential to improve the technologies that help Xero function, reduce downtime and gives us the potential to ship features faster.

We have an exciting feature roadmap this year and will keep you informed of this as we progress. Keep voting on User Voice, watch for the latest on the Developer Centre and stay tuned for Developer TV where you'll hear the latest.

For more information about the upgrade please check out the Xero blog: https://www.xero.com/blog/2016/05/were-improving-infrastructure-platform-aws/

Dan Young (Xero Staff)  

@chantelle you will need to direct this particular question to our CX team. They will be able to address these points.

Dan Young (Xero Staff)  

Hi everyone, just a reminder that these data migrations are continuing every Sunday morning (NZT). This weekend, we will be migrating the largest batch of organisations so far (approximately 5% of total orgs) so it is likely your integration will encounter some organisation offline errors.

Affected orgs will be offline for up to 2 hours between 6am and 8am NZT (6pm-8pm June 18th UTC time).

Migrations will continue at the same time every Sunday for the next couple of months.

Adam Moore (Community Manager)  

I am in the UK,would Amazon have created a UK region for Xero,to hold our data in the UK versus US

Alberto Gil  

Hi Alberto,

For the immediate future all data will be in Amazon's US data centres. Eventually we'd like to split it out over the regions but there's quite a bit of work to do to make that possible.


Adam Moore (Community Manager)  

Hi everyone,

Now that we have migrated over half our customers to AWS it is time to move some of the shared application components including the public API.

This will require a global outage planned for this coming Sunday (6am Sunday 21 August 2016 New Zealand Time). This outage will affect all customers and all parts of Xero.

We estimate that the migration will take a few hours. We’ll be regularly updating the status page, so please check there for more information and ETAs for being back online on the day.

Adam Moore (Community Manager)