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Construction project management add on developer

Started by Geoff Pyart -   in Find a Developer

Information regarding developing an add-on for a construction company
Hey Geoff! Thanks for posting. Are you looking to develop an add-on or to connect an existing app to Xero? Either way, we are certified Xero developers, connecting systems is what we do, and we would love to discuss further! Post back on here or email me - stu@redarc.systems. Thanks! Stu

Stu Hawkins  

Hi Stu, Thanks for replying. I have email you direct.

Geoff Pyart  

Hi Geoff
We can help you with that. We specialise in lean, collaborative development and have plenty of Xero experience. You can get further information on us at www.brilliantsoftware.co.nz
If you would like to drop me an email, my address is Graeme@brilliantsoftware.co.nz
Thanks Graeme

Graeme Frost  

Hi, Would like to learn more about your requirements. You can reach out to me at the below Email / Phone and we can discuss further.

RIKSOF is an agency, based out of Karachi, delivering custom mobile and web application development services to customers in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Our biggest strength is the team's track record of taking projects past the finish line under any circumstance.

Skype: sales.riksof
Email: info@riksof.com

RIKSOF Private Limited  

Hi Geoff,
we are Sydney based company HERO.WORK and we create online tools for service businesses. Our customers are Plumbers, Roofers, Construction Companies etc.
We have a free version of the app here .

We already integrate with Xero and we offer custom workflow implementation for companies like yours.

As we have already multiple features in our basic product like quoting, scheduling, invoicing, Xero integration, multiple staff support, reporting and more, we can usually develop your workflow cheaper and faster than someone who would just start from the beginning. We can also integrate with other platforms and services you currently use.

To schedule a free consultation please contact info@hero.work or call 1300 984 911

Dev HeroWork  

Hi Geoff,

we are in Italy based company with high experience in API industry. We would like to have a discussion with you and we can offer a test if you like.

Feel free for a free consultation.

Best Regards

Marco Santullo
Lari Telecom Srl
skype imediatech

Marco Santullo  

Hi Geoff,

I'm not sure exactly what you are looking for, but we are currently developing a construction project management integration for XERO. Let me know if you want to chat about this and we can see if it is something you are interested in exploring. We are based out of Washington, DC USA. To contact us you can use the following email: xero-pm@cyberco.com

thank you,
Jack Crane

Jack Crane  

Hi There,

I am writing to you from 729 Solutions, the oldest agile development shop in The Bay Area- engineering amazing technology for 13 years. We are a team of experienced developers and designers who can help you with your Xero need. We are currently working on developing partnership with Xero and would be prepared to do your project at a significantly reduced rate to fulfill Xero’s requirements to become a certified dev partner. If you want your project executed by professionals at the lowest cost possible please contact me at graham@729.io and we can discuss the requirements. You can also do any due diligence on us at http://www.729solutions.com/

Thank you for your consideration.
Graham Silbermann

Graham Silbermann