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scheduling / Job booking add on

Started by Steve Penn -   in Add-ons

I in the service industry (cleaning) and i along with quite a few of my competitors have said that we need a Job scheduling program that adds on to Xero.
We need to be able to schedule in jobs. to different staff members
Staff need to be able to generate invoices from an app on a tablet or phone
Accept Card payments
and all be linked back to Xero

Is this possible on Xero
Is it something that could be developed for Xero as part of the program.

I have looked at Pay Pal and jobber and we need it all rolled into one package in Xero without having to try to link and import everything

Any Ideas

Hi Steve, have you checked out the Jobs+Invoicing category in the add-on marketplace? There are loads to choose from, most with customer reviews.

WorkflowMax, Harvest, and ServiceM8 are the most popular, perhaps ServiceM8 might be a good fit for your needs.

Adam Moore (Community Manager)  

ShiftCare is software for managing rosters, clients, timesheet and billing; we specialise with health service providers, also have hospitality and fitness clients. We currently have a private integration using the API to push billing data to Xero for invoicing. Liaising with Xero to get it on the public list for Add-ons. You can find us at www.shiftcare.com or call me on +61431526730. Tony

Tony Davis  

Hi Steve,

we are Sydney based company HERO.WORK and we create online tools for service businesses. Our customers are Plumbers, Cleaners, Gardeners, Roofers, Construction Companies etc.
We have a free version of the app here .

We already integrate with Xero and we offer custom workflow implementation for companies like yours.

As we have already multiple features in our basic product like quoting, scheduling, invoicing, Xero integration, multiple staff support, reporting and more, we can usually develop your workflow cheaper and faster than someone who would just start from the beginning. We can also integrate with other platforms and services you currently use.

To schedule a free consultation please contact info@hero.work or call 1300 984 911

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