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Private client fails with "The organisation for this access token is not active"

Started by Ron Garret -   in API Authentication

SLSIA. I'm using a private client to try to access the Demo Company. I have verified that the certificate fingerprint, consumer key and secret match what is set up in the dashboard. But when I try to do a transaction I get the message in the subject line. What am I doing wrong?
Was able to fix this by creating a new private app (with the same key and cert) so I'm guessing (hoping?) this was a transient resulting from the August 14 update.

Ron Garret  

@Ron - sounds like you may have hit the 30 day limit for a demo company (they get reset at this point and your access token will get disabled). We'll look to make the error message easier to understand.

Tony Rule (Xero Staff)  

Hey +1 for getting this error message getting changed. Thanks to Google for sending me here.

Bob Brown  

Also when the 30 days expires you'll lose your chart of accounts if you had previously defined them.

Bob Brown  

@Tony - 5 years on, still same error message. Nice one.

James Bell  

@tony SIX years on, same error message. Stay useful guys.

Kamron Brooks  

still same error message :(

Niroshan Jayathilaka  

Any day now...

Jake Gully  

@tony Seven years, let's keep it going ...

Bob Brown  

I think that you should treat this as a feature request for a more meaningful error message. I'm developing an application that has taken longer than 30 days and am now having to recreate my test data. My client already has a Xero account but I'm not developing against live data Would have been nice to know that you'd reset everything before I started.

Peter Goodey  

Hey @Ron Garret, face the same issue but resolved from this thread.
Just want to say thanks ;)

Surinder Ucreate  

Does this imply that if I have a paid version of Xero, and I use the demo company for development purposes, my demo company will still be reset?
Please let me know if my question is not clear.

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