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Java App moving from Public to Partner RSA Signing Issues

Started by Shaun Clark -   in API Authentication

I am using Java and App Engine, I can successfully use the public API with no issues. So now I want to move to a partner app and so I understand that to mean I have to send along an additional authorization header I think I am making this more complicated that it has to be.

Is there a simple Java example on how to take the keystring and turn it into an additional parameter for the URLFetch API or the Apache HTTP client?

Okay so to answer my own question, no app engine cannot handle RSA SHA 1 signing or at least I couldn't get it to and instead had to resort to EC2, I think this all goes away when Xero goes OAuth 2, but for now you need to create a custom keystore in Java and import it into an SSLFactory and sign everything with your private key to get this to work.

Shaun Clark  

Hello Shaun

I am facing the same issue (but in python). How did you do that? Can you share a sample?

Thank you!

Marcos Morales  

I would be happy to help, email me at shaun@invoicesherpa.com, it won't let me post the code here it keeps says "There was an error formatting your answer".

Shaun Clark