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Has anyone got some sample Excel Macros that will allow me to extract Open Invoices from Xero?

Started by Peter McCarroll -   in Getting Started

I need to be able to get a list of unpaid invoices out of Xero into Excel (like you see on the "Awaiting Payment" section in the Accounts Receivable area). There is currently no way of getting the necessary data from Xero reports! I don't want to have to develop an entire web app to do this. Has anyone sucessfuly used Excel to get data from Xero?
Hi Peter

You can export a list of unpaid invoices from Xero via the aged receivables report within Xero: http://help.xero.com/#Report_AgedReceivables.

I'm not sure if this will provide exactly what you require, but please check with the help centre or contact customer care if you need further assistance - they are better placed to assist you than I am as this forum is for developers.

One more link that may be of use is for Webrecs: http://webrecs.com.au/glossary.php#xero - they do have an Excel plugin that retrieves data from Xero, though I don't think it would provide what you require.

Building your own Excel plugin to access data via the Xero API is possible, though a little complex - as you can imagine the authorisation method to access someone's Xero account from another application is pretty stringent, which is a barrier for easily connecting it up via things like an Excel macro.

Ronan Quirke (Community Manager)  

Ronan - I've seen reference to the Webrecs plugin that is no longer available.
Do you have some sample code that would woprk in VBA to extract Open Invoices from Xero?

Brad Stevens  

Hi Brad

No I'm afraid we don't have any VBA code samples.
I appreciate Google Spreadsheets are not the same as Excel, but Zapier provide a way of integrating these if this was a usable solution: https://zapier.com/zapbook/google-docs/xero/

We also have a desktop application currently undergoing final review that may be of use: http://www.zed-systems.com/products/import-into-xero.aspx

If you are technically minded, you could have a go at creating a custom VBA app, but I strongly recommend an alternative as we cannot provide any assistance with this and I don't feel VBA and a RESTful web service using OAuth mix very well.

Ronan Quirke (Community Manager)  

Hi Brad,
I make the MS Outlook Integration Tools for Xero - I actually sync all awaiting payment and outstanding expenses into Outlook Tasks, you may like this feature.

See http://www.quickwindevelopment.com/?page_id=1091

My Next project is MS Excel Integration. Contact me on ruairi@quickwindevelopment.com if you'd like to make suggestions.


Ruairi M  

My Excel Integration Tools are released (still waiting on Xero Certification though).


Ruairi M  

This is quite late on this thread, but it helped me find quickwindevelopment.com today, and specifically the Excel Integration Tools. Not only are they easy to use and fantastic, but I asked the developer if they could add a feature I needed, and six hours later they produced a new release with exactly what I needed. Unbelievable responsiveness. Strong recommend.

John Cromie