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Can an application that uses the api be applied to multiple clients in partner edition from that ed?

Started by Christopher Dawes -   in Add-ons

I am about to write an integration with another service and was wondering if an accountant (or partner) wanted to apply my application to all of their clients, is there a way to do this in bulk or would they have to do it one by one.

Also how can a developer test that this functionality works? Is there a sandbox parner edition sever?
To do what you're asking you would have to use the partner-based API.

If you send a message to network@xero.com, they can enable partner-access on your account for testing.

Wayne Robinson  

@Christopher - apologies for the delayed reply . At the moment you'll need to authorise each organisation one by one - even if you're working with a partner app. It's a really good point though and something we're considering. A partner app will allow you to refresh your access tokens programatically though so you don't have to keep requesting access. I'll get back to you on email now to see how we can help you further.

Tony Rule (Xero Staff)  

Hi Tony,

I was just wondering if there has been any further progress on this topic and if any partner edition API's are now available?



Steve Fewster