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Improved EC sales VAT reporting (UK)

Started by Tony Rule (Xero Staff) -   in API Endpoints

We've made changes to some UK tax rates to distinguish between EC sales of goods and EC sales of services.

The two key changes are :

- Zero Rated EC Services ( ECZROUTPUTSERVICES ) - use this new tax rate for the sale of services to the EC

- Zero Rated EC Goods Income (ECZROUTPUT) - this is a renaming of the existing Zero Rated EC Income tax rate, use this rate for the sale of goods to the EC

Customers should use these tax rates to ensure their accrual based VAT returns are correct. (Note we still have some further work to do to cover cash basis reporting.)

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For most integrations using the Xero API, offering an account code mapping with Xero is a good starting point. In cases where there isn't a specific account code setup using a tax rate that may be needed for particular sales (e.g. zero rated ec services) then enhancing your integration to support tax rate mappings may be beneficial as well. If you go down this route then we recommend to offer the flexibility of fetching of tax rates from Xero rather than hard coding specific ones into your application.

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