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How to effectively sell Add-ons through Xero partners?

Started by Mike Branch -   in Add-ons

Does anybody have suggestions for making add-ons available through Xero partners? I looked at several existing add-ons and it looks like developers are using a wide variety of partner programs. Some have a simple quantity discount, others have their own partner or reseller program that anybody can sign up for.

What have you found to be the most effective, without making it too complicated or investing a lot of time implementing it?

Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom.
We looking for best practices too.
Looks like going through the advisors and offering a discounted rate or rev share is the way?

jon jacobson  

Xero Partners know their client's business well and therefore are best placed to recommend the best solution that meets their client's needs. The Partners are approached by almost all the add-on developers as they are seen as the "easiest" channel to sell to. Therefore, add-on developers need to understand that the Xero partners are overloaded with everyone trying to "sell" to them (and via them their clients). That is not the best way to approach, IMHO.

Financial incentives are only one aspect in the reward spectrum. Xero Partners are more interested in being seen as bringing solutions so that they keep their clients happy. In our view, its a long process in relationship and trust building. Events such as Xerocon and Xero roadshows are where Xero partners will be keen to discuss with potential add-on developers to partner with. There are other opportunities as well such as working with Xero Account Managers. Add-on developers need to invest time and effort in this exercise as otherwise, you will surely alienate Partners if you are seen as selling to them constantly.

Siva Sivakumar  

I have to agree with Siva. I've tried emailing partners directly but no one likes being spammed by sales pitches and I can't blame them.
I've just returned from briefly checking out the Xero Roadshow in Perth Australia and I found that a lot more productive. Building up trust and relationships is vital. So if possible, try get to one of these and bring some business cards.

Ruairi M  

Thanks for your replies. I was a QB ProAdvisor for several years so I know what it's like to be sold to by add-on developers. But my question wasn't really about how to market to partners. It's more about the structure of the partner program, in terms of discounts, compensation, etc.

Mike Branch  

Oh, my bad.
I was just going to keep it simple. I sell licenses for my software via paypal; I have paypal buttons setup and the IPN notifies my server and sends out a serial. I was just going to give resellers access to discounted button. I've not done this yet as there has been no demand.
However, the nature of my software means that there is opportunity there for resellers to make money from configuration and additional services. So an incentive of discount probably doesn't matter all that much.

Ruairi M