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PHP-Xero - Reports?

Started by John Milton -   in Wrapper libraries


Looking at the PHP-Xero wrapper which doesn't appear to handle Reports.

I hacked a previous version of the thinktree wrapper to get the report I needed (Bank Statement) but wondered if there were any plans to extend the PHP-Xero wrapper?

I've encountered the same problem with the PHP-Xero wrapper (I'm trying to use it pull out Bank Statement reports.)

Any chance you could share your code?

James Spittal  

Sure - if you still need it email me via jm at miltongroup.co.uk and I'll send it over.

John Milton  

Thanks John. Managed to solve it myself.

James Spittal  

Would you be able to share your code on this with me? I am trying to pull in bank statement reports using PHPXero, and of course it's not working as is.

Adam Bowles  

Hi @Adam - We're using it something like this: https://gist.github.com/jamesspittal/05c3c2a8a6392285deb1d45759f09693

James Spittal  

Perfect I've got it working, thank you.

Adam Bowles  

Glad to hear it, Adam!

James Spittal