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Integration with WooCommerce

Started by Elise Beauchesne -   in Add-ons

I am in the process of redoing our website with Wordpress and I just discovered that we can implement a Ecommerce tool named WooCommerce. It seems a good Idea for us to have the store integrated to our company website and with our blog and forum. Having everything at the same place seems to be interesting in order to get more traffic and therefore a higher client potential.

I wonder if you think eventually to integrate Xero with WooCommerce so it would facilitate the operation of the E-Store.

We where planning to use Shopify and Stitch lab before thinking to redo the whole Company website/blog/forum, but it seems to be too evoluate for our needs. In addition none of them seems to be compatible with Wordpress.

Thanks in advance for the answer.

@Elise - there is an integration between WooCommerce and Xero which would be worth checking out to see if this meets your requirements - http://www.woothemes.com/products/xero/

Tony Rule (Xero Staff)  

It was exatly what I needed. Thanks a lot.

Elise Beauchesne  

I am having issues with the plugin and getting the certificates to work. Does anyone know where I can find a developer to help finish up getting my Xero account and woocommerce cart linked together? I think it's almost done but I don't know for sure.

Willie Olhausen  

I would love some help with the final set up. I am getting error messages and my It and developer are stumped

Nicole Nicholas  

Looking at the possibility to integrate with Woocommerce as well, I have 3 Online Shops am I able to use the one same Public & Private Key in each shop, all shops linking back to the one Xero Company, all shops on the same Host Provider. Any advice appreciated?

Josko Sestan  

Probably and bit too late for you both but I have experience integrating WooCommerce with Xero via the WooCommerce plugin, OneSaas and a custom multi-currency solution. Let me know if you still require assistance. You may also find these posts useful http://numernet.com/category/ecommerce/

Kevin Smith  

Hi Kevin Smith,
I have a potential client who is looking to integrate their online shop with an accounting system. Since the integration is from Woocommerce, would Xero be providing support or Woocommerce?

Shirley Wong  

Hi Shirley,

Depends on the method you use to connect WooCommerce to Xero (plugin or third party provider). Xero would not offer support for any integration beyond advice regarding their API.

WooCommerce offer their own plugin to integrate with Xero http://www.woothemes.com/products/xero/, they do offer support although I have not found them very helpful in the past. They did release a rewritten version of the plugin in January which I have not tested yet so they may now be providing better support.

Kevin Smith  

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for your swift reply. Did you use the plugin or a third party? What would be thiRd pay? For the plugin licence, do we get all the Xero Modules? If I get the job and need to integrate, how much do you charge for helping to integrate?

Shirley Wong  

I have experience with both, third party providers such as OneSaas charge a monthly fee but set up tends to be easier, support is quite good although I have had issues with their service before, you can read more here http://numernet.com/xero/xero-woocommerce-integration-onesaas-vs-zapier/ .

The WooCommerce plugin is cheaper at $79 one off payment with a years support but requires you to create public and private keys. More info can be found on my blog http://numernet.com/ecommerce/woocommerce-xero-plugin/

If you would like to talk with me regarding integration help please use the contact us form on my site and we can communicate directly.

Kevin Smith  

Hi Kevin,

Just to confirm, you're currently recommending OneSaas for integrating Woocommerce with Xero?

And if you're not, the alternative would be....manual entry of data each month?


Graeme Blake  

Hi there,
I know that the post is a little bit out-dated, but for the one which is having some problems with implement WooCommerce plugin to a WordPress platform, then I have a solution. Installing the WooCommerce plugin is a really not difficult thing, everything that you have do is mostly based on clicking - the other part is writing the data, but it is very simple. If you need some help how to do it, then I recommend you to take a look at this article.

Amy Iness