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API: create invoice and email to customer

Started by Bogholderi - FocalScope -   in Find a Developer

Hello !

I am looking for an API - that I can call from my website.
1. I would like to create a Invoice in Xero including the Payment Service inside the invoice.
2. I would like to email the invoice to the customer - so customer can click on payment link.

Also, at the same time I would like to create in Xero a recurring invoice for the same customer.

Kindly advise if this is possible ?

If anyone can build - let me know ?
Hi Mela,

You can create an invoice via the API using the Invoices endpoint.

Currently you can not conduct either of your other requirements via the API.
1. The online payment services option is only available when the invoice is emailed, or the pdf invoice generated, within the Xero application.
2. The email invoice can only be sent from within the Xero application.

You can download a PDF version of an invoice and email it to a client, outside of the Xero application. The PDF invoice downloaded via the API will not include the Payment Services link.

You can vote for these feature requests via the Xero uservoice forum.
Expose the online invoicing url via the Xero API

Email approved invoices via the API

Riley James (Community Manager)  

Thanks and it seems like we cant use Xero then.
I am surprised I cant create repeating invoices using API.

Btw. The votes you listed are not working. The invoice URL would be able to help us.


Bogholderi - FocalScope  

I've fixed the links.

Repeating invoices are under review, adding your votes to this feature will help make it a priority.

Riley James (Community Manager)  

Hi Mela,

I am Prasad working on XeroApi can u help me regarding Authentication problem?

Prasad Jadhav  

You should check out billingorchard.com api codes are on site. Or email me at brian@billingorchard.com should you need assistance

Brian Cavallaro  

hy every body,
I am just working on XERO API to create invoices, i don,t know from where i should start my development. I have download the library from Github, put my 'consumer_key' and 'shared_secret' but still it respond error "Error: oauth_problem=parameter_rejected&oauth_problem_advice=Callback%20url%20is%20not%20in%20the%20registered%20callback%20domain
". i dont know what to do ? please help.............

Muhammad Sarfraz  

I just started working on Xero Api using c#.
How can I find the contact by name? How should I use CoreApi.Contacts.Find() and CoreApi.Contacts.Where()?

Danial Goodman  

Hi Guys,

I am a problem using the standard xero invoice template docx that doe not allow for custom fields to be created.

I need to calculate the tax payable with the subtotal x 7 % (instead of using the xero default field of <<TaxTotal>>

Any clever fellow developers found an easy way to do this yet?



Marc Naidu