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How to generate a key to use the API?

Started by Ali Akhtar -   in API Authentication

I'm trying to create a private application so I can use it in a PHP app to access the Xero API. In the sample source code, I see that it asks for some sort of keys to be generated. Can someone please give me a simple / step by step walkthrough of how to generate this key? If I must use OpenSSL, can you point me to which version of it I should download? I'm on Windows XP.
This is the instructions for using the Xeroizer library however, this should provide you with the information required to generate the keys for use with Xero:


Wayne Robinson  

We've got some step by step instructions here . You'll be most likely after the 32bit version at the top of the list, you might need to install the Visual C++ Redistributables (the second link on the list) first if you get an error.

Tony Rule (Xero Staff)