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Is it possible to backup data and/or applications

Started by Fred Blauer -   in Getting Started

Is it possible to backup my data? Also wondering what is the situation re: backing up the application. Is this possible?
Hi Fred

In relation to backing up the application, as a cloud based service, we run and manage all the core backup services ourselves. See here for some more detail on this: http://www.xero.com/accounting-software/security/#dataProtectionAndBackup

The above link also links to this really useful article on importing and exporting data from Xero, but worth pointing to separately: http://help.xero.com/#ImportExport

Finally, you have asked your question in the developers support forum, so it is good to point out that this exists because there is a Xero developer API which allows anyone to build a connection to their Xero account and access their data that way too!

Hope that is helpful.


Ronan Quirke (Community Manager)  

Appreciate that this is quite an old thread, but it still leaves me with an unresolved issue.

The export mechanisms available will let me backup much of my data (and I'm sure that the API will let me automate that), but there seems to be a mismatch in what I can export vs what I can import.

At first glance the gaps seems to be:
- I can only print credit notes, not export them, even though I can import them
- I can export the General Ledger, I have no mechanism to import it as a whole

This seems to reduce the usefulness of import/export as a backup mechanism somewhat - or am I missing something?


Saul Cozens  

Have you tried this?

Fred Blauer