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Getting "signature_invalid" even though nothing has changed?

Started by Guy Arrowsmith -   in API Authentication

I am getting the response "oauth_problem=signature_invalid&oauth_problem_advice=Failed%20to%20validate%20signature" when trying to get an access token for my application. Nothing has changed in my application for about a month now - it has just started happening.
Seems like you may be using the Xero demo account.

When the demo account is reset, it appears they create a whole new organisation. This causes any apps that are setup in http://api.xero.com to become invalid.

You need to delete these and create it again for the 'new' demo organisation.

Wayne Robinson  

I am using the Xero demo account for testing purposes. I have tried deleting the registered app in the api.xero.com section and created it again but still no luck. Any other suggestions?

Guy Arrowsmith  

May be a silly question, but when you recreated it did you update your token/key in your app?

Otherwise you might want to email network (at) xero dot com with your question.

Wayne Robinson  

I am experiencing the same error using the xero.php class. However the PUSH method to create an approved invoice works fine, but the second call to pay the invoice (immediately afterwards) fails with no response. If I delete the code to execute the CURL exec function and initiate the call manually I get:


Any ideas?

Gary Benner  

Was there ever any solution to this? I believe I'm experiencing a similar issue.

Andrew Clemett  

I was getting the error because I was encoding the xml.

robert okoroafor  

I am having the same issue when attempting to insert an invoice with a private application. I have tested this on both the demo and out live account.

I have found that when I insert an invoice that has only 1 line item everything is ok, but when that invoice has multiple line items I get the signature invalid error "oauth_problem=signature_invalid&oauth_problem_advice=Failed%20to%20validate%20signature"

I am using the PHP wrapper as a CodeIgniter library within my app, and it is producing the following XML

<Name>Client Name</Name>
<Description>2012-05-09 10:21:00 More Details Here(29199)</Description>
<Description>2012-05-04 16:02:00 More Details Here(28655)</Description>
<Description>2012-03-21 14:03:00 More Details Here(1137)</Description>

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Adrian Hennelly