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Help with configuring .Net application for partner app

Started by My Inventory Online -   in Partner Program

We are using the sample .Net application from github. Is there any documentation that actually discusses configuring the application for use with a partner app? The documentation seems to end at installing the certificates. I have a few questions.

In the web.config there are these 2 sections
<!-- OAuth Signing Certificate - needed for private and partner apps -->
<add key="XeroApiOAuthCertificateFindType" value="FindBySerialNumber" />
<add key="XeroApiOAuthCertificateFindValue" value="‎‎" />

Is this the serial number of the entrust certificate provided to me by Xero?

<!-- Client SSL Certificate - needed for partner apps only -->
<add key="XeroApiSslCertificateFindType" value="FindBySerialNumber" />
<add key="XeroApiSslCertificateFindValue" value="‎‎" />

Is this the serial number of my self signed certificate?

My other issue is this line of code which tries to find the certificates:

X509Certificate2Collection certificateCollection = certStore.Certificates.Find(x509FindType, oauthCertificateFindValue, false);

This never seems to return any certificates. it looks like it only picks up certificates in the personal folder but the docs say to move them to the trusted root authorities folder. Even when I have copied them back to the personal folder it never finds them. Any ideas why? I've tried the serial number as it is in the view certificate, with space removed and even reversed.

If anyone has had success with this already I would very much appreciate any tips!
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Xero will begin to deprecate Entrust Certificates for Xero Partner Apps in 2017


Sidney Maestre (Community Manager)