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How can I see the detail of a Tracking Category by month?

Started by paul connolly -   in Getting Started

I set up a project as a Tracking Category and added some costs to it and some income too so that I could monitor the costs benefits analysis over time.

When I run the cash summary I can see the period's total but cannot drill down to see the activity, is there a way to do this?
Hi Paul - the cash summary report doesn't breakdown by tracking categories at the moment.You can see the income vs expenses for your tracking category using the Profit & Loss report in the app ( the option to select is "compare [tracking category name]"). The tracking summary report may also be useful.

Tony Rule (Xero Staff)  

How can I do a "compare [tracking category]" via the API?
I need a P&L or Trial Balance which is summarised by a selected Tracking Category

Alan Telford  

@Alan - FYI, we have release P&L and balance sheet by tracking this morning: http://blog.xero.com/developer/v2-release-notes/

Ronan Quirke (Community Manager)  

Thanks. that seems to work nicely.
I still may be forced to sync journal data locally to get what I need.

I want the openbalance, movements, endingbalance for each GL account for each tracking category. Then I would save this information for each month, allowing me to do reporting summarising the accounts in different manners, or showing detailed GL account for each month.

Your latest change almost allows me to get this.
If I ran the Profit+Loss for each tracking option for the month.
And then also ran the Balance Sheet for each tracking option.
Then I would have the balance+movement for each "summarised" group of GL accounts.
However I still wouldn't have this for each individual GL account

Alan Telford