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newbie! Submitting invoices fine but can't see them in xero?

Started by Scott Dilley -   in Getting Started


This may well be a very silly question but I am stuck.

Am trying a test to create a contact, raise an invoice and send a payment through to xero. I am getting all the right output saying that everything has gone through and I can see my contacts just fine everytime I submit one but I can't see the invoices I am sending through.

//xero's response for the payment
SimpleXMLElement Object
[Id] => 9f2ef3de-6743-4199-87df-325573f32d4d
[Status] => OK
[ProviderName] => Point of Sale
[DateTimeUTC] => 2011-05-11T02:09:10.8224398Z

tried to paste in all output but it won't let me.

Also, the "contact" is not becoming a "customer" in xero even though I set isCustomer to true.

So looking at the output it all looks fine? but for the life of me in Xero I can't see any invoices or payments?


Hi Scott - I see you've emailed our support team - we'll get back to you there to assist.

Tony Rule (Xero Staff)