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How can I search through bank entry notes?

Started by Lawrence Sinclair -   in Getting Started

I have a bank entry in which I placed a test string (3d25d84f-b503) and then I tried to search for it, but could find no way to retrieve the bank entry. Imagine this was a check (cheque) number or a bank wire reference.

Here is the test entry in "description" that I could not find with search:

ACCT ANALYSIS DIRECT DB (test reference number 3d25d84f-b503)

I also tried to enter the value 3d25d84f-b503 as a reference number, then went to search and saw no way I could search by reference number.

Am I missing something here?



Hi Lawrence,

I'm not entirely sure what you mean when you refer to bank entry notes. Are you talking about the bank reconciliation feature in the main Xero app?

If you've got a specific issue that needs fixing, you can email network @ xero.com for any support problems.

Dan Barratt (Xero Staff)