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Vend feeds into Xero

Started by Susan Jelicich -   in Add-ons

Has anyone had any experience with Vend feeds into Xero, I have implemented Vend for our point of sale which feeds into Xero however as of last week the register closures will not feed into Xero as the GST content of sale seems to have a rounding difference. We have not changed any settings to cause this problem. Suggestions would be appreciated.
Hi Susan,

I suggest you contact Vend support team directly for this. They can be contacted at support@vendhq.com

Just FYI, Vend going to implement some changes on how it will interact with Xero which hopefully will avoid this issue.

More information is here - http://support.vendhq.com/entries/22257088-important-changes-to-the-vend-xero-integration

W. Abdullah (Community Manager)  

Terrible Vend – Xero Defect
Vend can use many sales tax rates, but ties each rate to a separate Vend store or inventory item.

For 40+ years, all billing programs I have known could override sales tax rates when invoicing, without requiring separate inventory items for each tax rate. Even small retailers must wholesale occasionally and small wholesalers must retail occasionally. Many companies also may sell in nearby towns or counties, with different tax rates. Vend need not have Avalara’s 15,000 U.S. sales tax districts, but it must let us select a different sales tax rate when invoicing, without needing a different inventory item for each rate.

This is outrageously unacceptable. It is so fundamental that we did not test it before suggesting Vend to a client. They now want a full refund for our QuickBooks to Xero and Vend conversion time, including related integration and training. This is only a Xero issue to the extent that Xero also did not properly test Vend before announcing integration.

That is why I most respectfully request that Xero promptly confirm this problem and require a prompt Vend fix, or stop listing Vend as an integrated product.


I over-dramatized above because an associate did not involve me quickly, Vend did not answer in a day and it is an insane time of year for CPAs.

Peter Wen, an excellent Xero San Francisco CPA, quickly called and wrote repeatedly. He found a Vend button, next to invoiced sales tax, to quickly and easily delete tax. He also made me recall my 40 year old workaround.

Create billable items for each rate, with no inventory quantity tracking. Price each at with one rate (.07, .08, etc). Enter one, with the invoice total as the quantity, to instantly get any tax needed.

Right after I that I got a nice long email from Nick Houldsworth (nick@vendhq.com), copied to 5 other Vend people. It said Vend will have Tax Groups for all Canadian provinces this week and the U.S. tax changes wanted soon (no ETA). By then I also realized that U.S. taxes were very different from the uniform GST or VAT taxes in New Zealand, Australia and the UK. We can even use several Vend stores, with an inexpensive Bizelo add-on for multi-location sales and inventory.

I will gladly help others having problems, but hope you have more patience than I did.