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XERO to XERO data transfer via API

Started by Jiro Olcott -   in Find a Developer

We are looking for a XERO API developer to develop an application to transfer data from an account in once instance of XERO to another. These are the same company, but different subsidiaries with two different XERO installations.

We are looking for a simple user interface with fields to determine: From and To XERO installations and also From and To Account Codes.

The application should have to ability to Turn On/Off the data transfer and an email alert if an error occurs or certain conditions are met. The updates should be on a basis of Updates since the last update (according to a time stamp)
Hi Jiro - We can help with this, can you flick me an email please? sales@3bit.com


Nathan Dunn  

Hi Nathan, was anything developed for this?

Ally Wilson  

Hi All,

May I know if this project was successful? Can I get some help also on my companies?

We have two companies and one Group Company that will consolidate all data from those two companies. Currently, we are updating it manually, but is there a way we can automate all transactions on all objects?

Highly appreciate your response. Thanks

Ariston Niel Navarro