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Is there an endpoint for Profit & Loss in which common format is compare client

Started by Bryan Han -   in API Endpoints

Hey there :)

We are looking for an endpoint for the Profit & Loss report when its common format is set to "compare clients". Does that endpoint exist? If not, are there other ways (or workarounds) we can pull such data?

Thank you!
Hi Bryan

I don't believe the API offers that feature just yet.

You'll need to pull the P&L on a client by client basis via the Reports endpoint and make the comparison that way. Ultimately this means connecting each tenant to a common app that draws the data together.

Something else to keep in mind is that unlike the other endpoints that return nice structured data the Reports endpoint essentially returns a dump of the actual report formatting included! So added faff required here iterating through nested rows and cells of the report to get to the data you need.

I hope that all makes sense.



Nick Tingay
Glide Digital Ltd

Nick Tingay