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Google Apps Script code to connect Google Sheets with Xero

Started by Cristian Torales -   in Find a Developer

We use Google Apps Script with Google Sheets and we want to connect our account of Xero with Google Sheets. We need to automate data sending. For example, we have a spreadsheet with data that we need to send automatically to Xero. In Xero we have the option to import data in CSV, but we want to automate that with Google Apps Script.
We have tried to do that but perhaps we don't have enough knowledge about API connections.

Could someone tell me if this is possible with APIs in Google Apps Script and tell me how much money it would cost me to do that?
I would appreciate it if a programmer contacted me to help me.

Thank you
Hi Cristian,

I've understood your requirement and already I've done integration with Google sheets. I have few assumptions in my mind, I shall be in better position to suggest you a possible integration if I can have a look at your data.

Can we connect through screenshare or zoom call to understand your needs & objective to help you with this integration?

I've already developed many integrations around Xero and automated data synchronization to Xero . Yours is also possible to achieve.

You can here for my work as well:

You can reach out to me on chintan@satvasolutions.com and can take the discussion forward from there.


Chintan Prajapati  

Hi Christian

As Chintan stated an API bridge between Xero and Google Sheets is certainly possible.

We've built a similar integration with Sheets but in the other direction i.e. an export from Xero rather than the import into Xero that you require but the same principles are at work here.

Please DM me on nick@glidedigital.co.uk to arrange a meeting to go through this.

Please take a look at my Xero portfolio for just a few examples of recent integrations:



Nick Tingay
Glide Digital Ltd

Nick Tingay  

Hi Christian,

Collately is a tool which allows you to download and upload financial data to/from Google Sheets. You could also schedule refreshes to happen as often as you want. You could extract from multiple Xero accounts at the same time as well.

If you would like to try it out, you could join our early access at: https://collately.co/ or send us an email at support@collately.co.

Collately Co Ltd

Viet Nguyen