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ManualJournal POST request for updating existing manual journals creating unnecessary TaxAmount

Started by Luis Kang -   in API Endpoints

Hi Team.

I'm using Python 3.8 in my script.

I have a logic that when a certain Narrative & Date manual journal doesn't exist, then create a new one, if it exists, then update the existing one.

When creating a new one, everything is fine.

To create a new item, I'm sending a POST request to this endpoint.


with these line items.

'Description': 'Deferred Income',
'LineAmount': monthly_sales,
'AccountCode': deferred_income_account_code,
'TaxType': tax_type
'Description': description,
'LineAmount': monthly_sales * -1,
'AccountCode': sales_account_code,
'TaxType': tax_type

And to update an existing item, I'm sending a POST request to this endpoint,

with exactly the same line items.

When I create a new one, there is no "TaxAmount" field for each line and the total Tax is calculated well by multiplying LineAmount * TaxRate.

However, when I update an existing one, suddenly "TaxAmount" is set to 0.00 whilst containing the same LineAmount and TaxRate.

This is very ridiculous. I've done a lot of different attempts but nothing works.

Perhaps, a workaround is when I update an existing one, I should calculate the TaxAmount and add that value to prevent having TaxAmount 0.
But this is too cumbersome for me.

I think this is a Xero API bug. Can someone confirm this?