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How to Create Invoices with line items using Integromat(Make)

Started by Craig Thomson -   in Getting Started

Hi All

I'm integrating Salesforce and Xero using Make (formerly Integromat). This has all been pretty straightforward except for one thing - I don't know how how to include the Line Items when I create the Invoices using the standard Xero 'Create an Invoice' component.

There are 2 methods available:
1 - pre-define the line items (that will not work becaseu there are a lot of scenarios (different amount of lines,discount rates etc)
2 - one field where it can all be put together (this is the one I want to use because I am bringing it all in via a webhook)

My question is - what format does that data need to be in for Xero to take it and create the line items? Does it want JSON? Or something else?

I haven't been able to find anything in the Xero developer guide. I'd be very grateful if someone can point me towards documentation on how this can work. I'm sure it won't be difficult but we just have no idea what Xero requires to do it.

Kind regards,