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Get balance of account using code and date

Started by Matthew Lepahe -   in API Endpoints


I am relatively new to the community but have a fairly straightforward question.

Is there a way (direct or roundabout) to retrieve the GL account balance for a specific date?


Is there a way to return the GL account balance for an account over a specific period (start date to end date)?

I thought there would be a straightforward way within the Accounting API, but the Accounts functions are predominately around retrieving account details, not GL amounts.

Thanks for any help you can provide!
Hi Matthew

I might be a bit late to the party but the Reports endpoint is fairly limited in that it only accommodates some fairly standard reporting formats e.g. Balance Sheet, P&L, Aged Pay/Receivables...

In order to generate a GL or custom report you'll need to build this from scratch using the available endpoints; Invoices, Transactions, Journals etc

I recently built a GL report generator for another client so if you need any assistance with this then please get in touch. You can PM me on nick@glidedigital.co.uk.

This was a delivered as a web application that generated a downloadable csv covering a specific time period (month, quarter, year) across any number or combination of designated accounts.



Nick Tingay
Glide Digital Ltd


Nick Tingay