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Items Endpoint | When Creating / Updating an Item code cannot be set.

Started by Kent Dean -   in API Endpoints

When creating a new item by way of the API I cannot find a way to set the value of Code.
It always sets the value to {}.
Xero API Payload
{"Code": "I00260", "Description": "New Ubiquiti Item", "PurchaseDescription": "New Ubiquiti Item", "PurchaseDetails": { "UnitPrice": 0, "AccountCode": "310.01", "TaxType": "INPUT" }, "SalesDetails": { "UnitPrice": 0.0000, "AccountCode": "210.01", "TaxType": "OUTPUT" }, "Name": "New Ubiquiti Item", "IsTrackedAsInventory": false, "IsSold": true, "IsPurchased": true }

Kent Dean