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Token Refresh start failing with "Bad Request'

Started by Attie Viljoen -   in API Authentication

Our token refresh integration that has been working for years has suddenly started failing this morning with "Bad Request" failures. We cannot get our tokens refreshed using the API ? What has caused this to suddenly starting to happen.

I have deleted the apps and recreated them as well. Still we get the same "Bad Request" error ?
Plus one. This happened with my company as well. And across multiple environments.

Shubham Shukla  

Had to delete the app. Recreate it and then generate new tokens. Now it is back up and running.

Attie Viljoen  

Plus one.

Kees Zorge  

Thanks, Attie.
I was more curious to know why this might have happened so that we can make changes to our integration logic and prevent it from happening in the future.

There were no incidents reported on Xero Status for 8th June.

All our logs and alerts show that the tokens were being rotated normally and then all of a sudden the refresh token starts failing.

Shubham Shukla  

Xero is aware of this problem: https://status.developer.xero.com/

Kees Zorge  

Thanks a lot, Kees. We were looking at https://status.xero.com/

Shubham Shukla