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Xero integration with Vena

Started by Lucy Wolf -   in Find a Developer


I'm looking for a developer to help integrate Xero in Vena (an FP&A platform). I understand this should be a fairly straightforward task and it would just require extracting a flat file from Xero into an environment, will Vena will connect to. Vena recommend using their ‘Vena Connector’ which is a command line ETL tool.

I’ve linked an article below which should hopefully explain more around the ETL:
Hi Lucy

That's certainly something I can help you with. I couldn't see that support article without a Vena account so I've requested a demo. Perhaps you could save the article to your desktop as a web page and email me directly on nick@glidedigital.co.uk at the same time detailing which elements of Xero you need pushing into the Vena environment.



Nick Tingay
Glide Digital Ltd
Oxford, UK

Nick Tingay  

Hello Lucy,

I can help you achieve this but for that I need to understand more about the file what information it has so that Xero can be integrated with Vena. If you can help me with a screen share about the data, I shall suggest you few possible approaches to get it done.

I have already developed an integration around Xero which you can explore :

You can reach out to me at chintan@satvasolutions.com and will discuss further.


Chintan Prajapati  

Hi Lucy,
Happy to take a look if you are still looking for a developer. I am available at duncan@southernsoftware.nz

Duncan Faulkner