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Finance API - How to access data - Financial service partner

Started by Heysara Allmeans -   in API Endpoints

I`m new in Xero, I want access endpoint Finance API, but I don`t get data from endpoint Finance API. After I enter the scope "finance.statements.read", I cannot get the access token when login. So my question:

1. The step to access endpoint Finance API is correct?
I) Create app
II) Select "Become a Xero app partner", Select "financial services partner"
III) Fill the form and click submit button
IV) Inform Xero I want Financial services in my app
V) After I get financial service in my app I get access the scope "finance.statements.read" and get data from endpoint FInance API.

Kai Yi
After you submit the form, a Developer Relations Manager will contact you and guide you through the certification steps you need to go through before they will assign the scopes to your app.

Sally C (Community Manager)