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Katana Integration with Xero

Started by Kiri Williamson -   in Find a Developer

We are looking for an integrator to assist integrating Katana to Xero. The operations team has uploaded the information that we need but we are missing vital aspects in regards to project costing and the information flowing from Katana to Xero.
Hello Kiri,

I can help you with this.

Can you please show me how your information looks like & what you wish to see in Xero? How much operations team has done already and the remaining parts. I will do the analysis based on the message you posted but looking at your information via screen sharing, I will be able to consult better on possible solutions and approach for it.

You can reach out to me at chintan@satvasolutions.com and we will take it from there.



Chintan Prajapati  

Hi Chintan

That's certainly something I can help you with. Perhaps you could DM on nick@glidedigital.co.uk detailing which elements of Xero you need integrating with the Kantana environment, how far you've got and where you need to get to.



Nick Tingay
Glide Digital Ltd
Oxford, UK


Nick Tingay  

Sorry Kiri (and Chintan!) I meant Kiri!

Nick Tingay