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Converting Typescript to Javascript

Started by Sean Yang -   in Getting Started

I've currently established a connection to my node backend with the Xero Demo Company. I've gotten to the '/connect' endpoint where it asks me to continue with the organisation I've selected. However, once I click the below button to continue, it directs me to the error for the '/callback'. I've noted the issue as related to 'express-session' in the index.ts file in which I can't access it. (I'm referencing the public repo from.https://github.com/XeroAPI/xero-node-oauth2-ts-starter)

Since I'm trying to convert the file to js to keep consistently with my current backend format, is there an alternative to declaring module as shwon above since js doesn't allow module declarations? In addition, is there a public repo of xero for nodejs in javascript only? Any alternatives for those of us that would like to keep the code entirely in javascript? Thanks in advance.
If you are still having this issue, please can you contact us using this link https://developer.xero.com/contact-xero-developer-platform-support/
and provide the name of your API application and the Client ID.
If possible, include the timestamp and timezone of the call and a screen shot of the error message


Sally C (Community Manager)