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Creating a Custom Connection for a second company under the same username

Started by Brett Williams -   in API Authentication

I have been using the Custom Connection to create invoices and purchase orders for our company and it has been working well.

Now I need to do this for another company in the group using the same developer login.
I have created a new Custom Connection and entered payment details.
I am stuck trying to configure the new connection to point to the (new) company.

Are people doing this? I can't seem to navigate the portal to achieve this goal. Is there a guide?
When you create a custom connection app, a link is sent to the email address you specify in the app. This user would need to have standard or advisor role in the Xero organisation you want the custom connection app to point to. When they log in they will be shown a list of all the Xero organisations that they have the relevant access for (if they have access to more than one) and they choose the organisation they want to connect to.

If you want another Xero organisation to have a custom connection, you need to build a second custom connection app and add in the email address of the user you want to authorise that connection, it can be the same email address as the first app. When the user logs in they can choose a different Xero organisation from the drop down list.

If you still have an issue with this, please contact support on this form https://developer.xero.com/support

Sally C (Community Manager)