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PO - Collection Address Instead of Delivery Address

Started by Johnny Butler -   in SDKs


I have different order types, some are for delivery and some are for collection. Ideally I would just use the same advance PO template and change the headers, i.e. <<OrderType>> Details and that would display "Delivery Address" or "Contact Address" depending on the order type. What is the best way to achieve this, doesn't seem to be a simple approach.

It sounds like you would like one format for when an order will be collected, and another if it is to be delivered. The simplest solution would be to use the DeliveryInstructions field to specify what the arrangement should be.

If you are looking for something more bespoke you could create a custom .docx template within the Xero front-end. This will allow you to change any of the titles or labels on the template. Once you have prepared one you could then create a second one largely identical, but with different text. You would then set up two branding themes.

When raising new purchase orders you would specify the appropriate BrandingThemeID alongside all the other details within the API payload.

For further details on creating your own templates, please check out the article here: https://central.xero.com/s/article/Add-move-or-remove-fields-in-custom-invoices-quotes-UK

Robin B (Community Manager)  

Thanks Robin - I created a bespoke branding theme with the custom templates.

Johnny Butler